The Roman Senate is the governing body of the Senate and People of Rome on ROBLOX. It is headed by Consul Marcus Antonius and Tiberius Claudius Nero, the Magister Equitum.

Founding of the Senate Edit

The Senate of Rome was founded 9/14/2013, when Lucius Julius Caesar, Gaius Julius Caesar, and Marcus Antonius congregated in the basement of a Germanic castle known as The Barony of Theudin. The founding of the senate coincided with the founding of Rome, with the first magistrates being Consuls Gaius Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius, and the first senator being Lucius Julius Caesar.

Within two months after that, members STFL and Skulbasher became senators of Rome, moving the governing body count to five.

Senate of the Roman Republic Edit

During the days of the Roman Republic(9/14/2013 - 9/2014), the Roman Senate maintained its' power. However, in December 2013, Civil War broke out between elements of Legio XIII Gemina and the Praetorian Guard. Mainly attributed to the civil war was Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and Lucius Julius Caesar, however, their courses were retracted and large scale war was averted. The conflict within the senate saw need for a Dictator, in which Gaius Julius Caesar took the reigns near the new year.

The new Dictator saw to many reforms of the constitution and a strengthening of the military. With the release of the Tech Demo, Roman Parthia, The group exploded, from c. 200 members (January 2014) to c. 11,000 (February 2014). This saw the increase in military personnel, however, the ratio of that to the citizenry remained albeit the same.

It was in early 2014 that Rome saw its' first magistrate, Skulbasher, in which planned marketing edicts and basis were implemented for the pending release of the city of Rome.

Senate of the Roman Empire Edit

On 9/24/14, Gaius Julius Caesar died at the hands of agents of Marcus Antonius. With him, his brother, Lucius Julius Caesar, the Magister Equitum. This marked the founding of the Imperial dominion over Rome, in which Caesar Augustus took the reigns of power, and appointed Tiberius Claudius Nero, his adopted son and heir, as his deputy. It was with these reforms that Imperial edicts over the broken economy were made, and several holes in the legislative commission were fixed. Several senators were purged, however, things stabilized.

Notable Senators Edit

Cato Epictetus Cicero

Lucius Julius Caesar


Gaius Julius Caesar

Marcus Antonius

Mactus Decus Lepidus