Gaius Plinius Secundus (Pliny the Elder) is the eldest son of Iamesus Dendrophorus Plinius Secundus. Due to a previous Aedile's favour, he became the Aedile Curules and went on to become Rome's Censor in later life.

Early Years Edit

Born to Iamesus Dendrophorus Plinius Secundus, he showed an aptitude for politics from a young age, fascinated with it and the art of mathematics, which he learned from his Greek servant. He also led the College of Engineers for most of it's beginning, distinguishing him from the other patricians.

Military Years Edit

Pliny did not focus on the military, preferring a more political life. However, his military history is both extensive and impressive.

Pliny was a pretty poor sword fighter, but never the less he served as the Tribunus of the Cohortes Urbanae upon it's creation, aiding Senator Audio Manticore in getting it off the ground as well as developing an impressive reputation. He also served in the First Auxiliary Legion with his son, Titus Plinius Secundus and grandson, Tyrus Plinus Secundus as Tribunus.

Finally he became the Legate of the Emperor's personal Legion, leading it to greatness before retiring into the Classis Misenensis as Navarch.

Personal Life Edit

Father to Titus Plinius Secundus, he was Patricarch of a very tight-knit family. His brothers, Adrian Plinius Cilo and Aulus Plinius Severus were also strongly political.

His first marriage with Alexis Dendrophorus led to her mysterious disappearance, rumours began circling that she was, in fact, the Roman goddess Minerva.

This would also explain his family's adeptness to politics.

Shortly after Tiberius Claudius Nero's rise to Emperor, he became the Censor of Rome, which he remains.