Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus
Some attributes
First Pro-Consul; Governor of Britannia
Second Legatus Augusti Pro Praetore of Legio III
Third Secretly gay
Other attributes

Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus is the son of Tiberius Claudius Nero, and Agrippina Claudia. He has served as the Princeps Senatus and Consul. He served as a Pro-Consul, governing the province of Britannia, until the Rustalion fleets came along and had wiped the Roman control away from the province. Allowing the Rustalions to breed more Munches, giving them a stronger strategic hold over the province.

Later Being Enslaved by Rustalion Munches, Warlord Rutilla The Munch later threw him in the lion den and he was mauled and disowned by Roman Government.

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